IMDEX 19: Naval Group launches the ‘Start We Up’ R&D initiative with Singaporean SMEs

Luca Peruzzi

During the IMDEX Asia 2019, Naval Group Senior Vice President Alain Guillou disclosed the initial selection of Singaporean SMEs who will participate to the ‘Start We Up’ initiative launched by Naval Group.

With the aim of bringing together Singaporean  start-ups, SME’s and Naval Group technical and commercial experts in order to foster open innovation, under the French shipbuilding group’s ‘Start We Up’ initiative, selected startups, which were unveiled during the IMDEX  Asia 2019 event, are receiving the opportunity to enter a paid Proof-of-Concept negotiation with Naval Group in order to support their innovative initiatives.

“It is part of Naval Group strategy to identify, build and develop strong partnerships with entities sharing the same dedication regarding Research & Development projects. It is part of our group’s strategy to build a worldwide network of partners, of R&D centers, of start-ups, of small business focusing in developing disruptive technologies”, said Naval Group’s Senior Vice President, Alain Guillou, introducing the press event.

“’Start We Up’ is the first event of a series”, he continued as Naval Group is committed to the development of R&D activities in the region. “It witnesses our willingness to create and to develop, in Singapore, our worldwide R&D Center of Naval Excellence”.

Following the Start We Up project, “this Centre will be opened by October 2019, and will address the most advanced R&D topics such as cybersecurity, e-maintenance, artificial intelligence and so on”, he highlighted.

This international collaborative platform of exchanges located Singapore, will respond to a triple objective: boost innovation in new strategic domains such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, create a supply of innovative technologies for the regional market in Singapore and Asia as well as supporting the joint effort led by both Singapore and France regarding R&D investments.

“’Start We Up’ is a major step for our long-term involvement in Singapore. We wish to attract the best talents and to rely on them to always keep moving ahead and to involve them in our most disruptive naval projects worldwide”, he said introducing the selected initial SME’s to be involved in the initiative.

These Singaporean companies are:

– Mesh Network Foundation with an ad-hoc proprietary network independent of internet enabling users to create open or private networks, to enable enterprises IOT solutions without the fear of the network going down;

– Abivin with its own vRoutes’ AI-powered Logistics Optimization Solution with proprietary route optimization algorithm to save 30% logistics costs, increase productivity, digitize end-to-end delivery process, and improve management efficiency;

– dDriven with its digitalization platform with universal integration, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning at its core, enables the ideal amalgamation of engineering, statistics, and business logic to power the most powerful of connected industry use cases;

– Threatspan with Brizo’s cyber monitoring for maritime sensor and Tridens’ cyber risk management platform for shipping and maritime enterprises;

– Brightree with its Digital Fleet Management System that incorporates engine condition and fuel consumption monitoring, engine vibration monitoring, e-logging, bunker data logging, GPS tracking and on-demand CCTV video streaming;

– Skylab Services, providing critical IoT data logistic solutions to enterprises in order to help them gain valuable insights and drive proactive actions on asset optimisation and resource management;

– Stato with unique solutions for various industries;

– H3 Dynamics, envisions a world of fully autonomous, scheduled or reactive drone systems, capable of deploying and traveling across a network of internet- connected base stations, capable of communicating data, transporting goods and in future – carrying people.

Photo by Luca Peruzzi