FEINDEF 2023 – Instalaza unveils its Alcotan 100 (M2) trainer developed with Guardiaris

Paolo Valpolini

With less and less space for training the need for simulation training is increasing, hence Instalaza, the Spanish rocket-launcher specialist based in Zaragoza cooperated with Guardiaris, the Slovenian simulation specialist, to produce a MANPATS trainer for its Alcotan 100 (M2) weapon system

Among the many weapon systems that are helping the Ukrainian Armed Forces to keep at bay the Russian invader, and possibly push it back within the official recognised borders, we find also a disposable infantry rocket launcher of Spanish origin, the Alcotan 100 (M2). Born as an antitank weapon, it is now available in the M2 improved version with four different warheads that make it a flexible tool on the battlefield. The Alcotan-AT (M2) is fitted with a tandem shaped charge warhead designed to defeat armour, while the Alcotan-BIV (M2) has a dual-purpose munition, its warhead being based o a single shaped charge plus fragmentation. The Alcotan-ABK (M2) is conceived to defeat bunkers and concrete walls thanks to its tandem anti-bunker warhead. As for the Alcotan-MP (M2), for Multi Purpose, which warhead operates in three different modes, impact, impact delay and airburst, depending on the target, this is in the final development stage. With a 600 metres range againts point targets and 1,000 metres against area targets, the Alcotan 100 (M2) has a wight of around 10 kg, depending on the warhead.

With live firing becoming more and more expensive also due to range restrictions, simulation is the right answer and therefore Instalaza decided to cooperate with Guardiaris, which simulators or small arms, air defence missiles, mortars and antitank weapons are well known and in use in many countries.

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The system introduced at FEINDEF is an exact replica of the Alcotan 100 (M2) in terms of dimensions, weight, centre of gravity, etc, in order to avoid inducing wrong behaviour in the trainee. All electronics and battery are located in an insert in the launcher tube, the trainee seeing the training scenario projected into the weapon sight. The version unveiled in Madrid is a stand-alone trainer based on  the Guard simulation software by Guardiaris; the weapon is linked to the Guard Control Panel software, which runs on a PC, ensuring training planning, implementation and evaluation, instructor-soldier communications, and finally and probably most importantly, comprehensive after action review.

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Day and night as well as variable weather conditions can be simulated. For the time being the Alcotan 100 (M2) trainer allows simulating the AT and ABK versions, but in perspective it will include all four versions, scenarios with different types of targets being provided, the precise ballistic trajectory being simulated. The prototype seen at FEINDEF is still in development, hence the sighting system is not yet exactly the same of the real one. EDR On-Line also understood that the trainer might be integrated with a recoil system allowing simulating the light recoil, under 4 J, generated by the Alcotan 100 (M2), which however is quite different from that of a normal firearm.

Should a customer require it, the Alcotan 100 (M2) trainer might also be integrated in a team simulator, exploiting the same technology used in Guardiaris’ SATT, the small arms tactical trainer, which is not based on a laser beam as many other systems but on patented infrared sensors and emitter fully eye-safe, while a sensor unit provides data on shooters behaviour and weapons’ movements, giving orientation and position. Guardiaris also developed a “light” software that allows to project high-resolution complex scenarios using a fraction of the computing power usually needed. The Spanish Army is looking at a trainer able to support the training of an infantry team, made of two four-man squads. Known with the acronym FIIST (Future Indoor Integrated Siulator and Trainer), the aforementioned solution might well answer that need.

Besides being currently used in Ukraine, the Alcotan 100 is in service with the Spanish Army, in Perù and in Pakistan.

Photos courtesy Guardiaris and P. Valpolini