FEINDEF 2023 – New multiple rocket launchers for the Spanish Army

Paolo Valpolini

At FEINDEF 2023 Escribano and Expal unveiled their plans for proposing to the Spanish Army a multiple rocket launcher made in Spain, the original project coming from Israel. The two Spanish companies teamed to propose a national version of the PULS (Precise and Universal Launching System) developed and produced by Elbit Systems. Recently the Spanish Army expressed a preference for this system probably also due to the potential full Spanish production.

According to the two Spanish companies, agreements with Israel for the transfer-of-technology and the follow up production are in the final discussion phase. The Spanish MoD will soon receive the final proposal, which will bring to final requirements.

The PULS launcher can be loaded with two canisters of missiles, not necessarily the same , which gives it a considerable flexibility, which comes also from the rockets choice. One pod can host 18 Accular 122 with a 36 km range, 10 Accular 160 with a 40 km range, four EXTRA rockets with a range of 150 km, or two Predator Hawk rockets that can reach up to 300 km.

A key issue is the industrial plan, that will see the two major companies made all possible efforts to maximise the national content of the programme, possibly involving a number of local subcontractors. In general terms the work split between Escribano and Expal will see the first company producing the launcher while the second will deal with rockets.

EDR On-Line understood the first rocket to be eventually produced in Spain will be the ACCULAR, as the company already has the right facilities to produce such a system. Ammunition will be produced by Expal, their guidance kit being provided by Escribano. To produce the two bigger munitions a wider facility will be needed.

A further munition might be developed; it is a guided weapon, the latter system being provided by Escribano, will have an intermediate range between the Accular and the EXPAL EXTRA. Investments will be made depending on the number of munitions acquired.

The Spanish Army should acquire first a battalion-size unit; these will then be shifted to the battlegroups that can be formed within one brigade. A second battalion might see the light, if  the budget will be found.

Photo by P. Valpolini