Israel Aerospace Industries and Microsoft to collaborate on cyber training

August 12, 2021 — Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will give governments, academies, higher learning institutes and enterprises from around the world the opportunity to learn how to defend themselves from cyber threats through Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service platform. The TAME RANGE cyber training platform creates a realistic, interactive learning environment simulating real attacks, for training purposes. During the training, trainees’ performance and responses are monitored for feedback and improvement. The training platform also serves as infrastructure for experiments and a testing ground for new technologies and innovative concepts regarding resilience in the face of the ever growing and evolving cyber attacks.

The collaboration with Microsoft will allow different organizations to make use of the training platform according to their needs and resources at any time and from any place, saving money and resources.

IAI’s ELTA Systems, has signed several agreements to establish cyber academies in different countries around the world, including utilizing the IAI’s simulator/cyber training platform –TAME RANGE – as a hands-on platform for effective cyber training.

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Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform is the world’s largest and most secure cloud computing service. Azure contains diverse solutions, infrastructure and services (Saas, PaaS and Iaas), serving as a technological basis for organizations, such as data analysis, computing, storage, networking, artificial intelligence, IoT and more. The Azure cloud serves an important purpose as an engine of innovation for global industries, such as: manufacturing, agriculture, banking, healthcare, education and more. Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure is accessible from over 60 locations worldwide. It is available in 140 countries and incorporates a comprehensive package of cloud services for organizations, governments, and industries of all sizes.

Esti Peshin, VP and General Manager, Cyber Division at IAI, said: “Israel Aerospace Industries is proud to cooperate with Microsoft and to upload its cyber training platform to the Azure cloud. We continue to act to promote cyber security around the world. We understand that the human element is key to coping with growing cyber threats, therefore effective capacity buildup and training are crucial elements in pursuing a cyber resilience strategy. Training for cyber threats on a cloud platform makes IAI’s advanced cyber training arrays accessible to companies, academies, universities and government agencies around the world according to their specific needs and helps them prepare and cope better with cyber threats. IAI is proud to continue striving for a safer, cyber-secure, world”

Vice President of Business Clients at Microsoft Israel, Ariel Salpeter, said: “We are proud to accompany Israel Aerospace Industries in the process of transferring to Microsoft’s cloud service and see this step in direct continuation of the long strategic partnership between Microsoft and IAI. One of the great advantages of the Azure cloud service is its ability to maximize the development of technologies and make them accessible beyond geographical or physical boundaries, giving a maximum layer of protection to organization in their apps, services and other uses of the cloud. As more businesses join the revolution of digital transformation and apply smart cloud technologies – we will be able to promote innovation in the entire market and ensure protection of our privacy as civilians.”

Images courtesy IAI