Negotiations Abandoned Between KNDS and Leonardo

Amsterdam, 11 June 2024 – KNDS N. V., one of the leading European manufacturers of military land systems based in Amsterdam, is no longer in talks with Leonardo S.p.A. regarding a potential partnership with the Italian company.

The negotiations were announced by both companies in December 2023 and pursued two objectives: Strategically, the aim was to potentially form a partnership between Leonardo’s defence division and KNDS. Operationally, this was to take the form of joint further development and production of the KNDS battle tank Leopard 2 A8 for a procurement programme of the Italian Ministry of Defence and partnering in the Italian procurement programme for an infantry fighting vehicle.

Frank Haun, CEO of KNDS N. V., states: “With 18 European user countries, Leopard 2 is the battle tank standard of our continent and of NATO. It is more important than ever to safeguard this standard, which makes a significant contribution to the interoperability and joint combat power of the European and NATO armies. The parties did not manage to agree on configuration and consequently, talks about Leonardo’s strategic participation in KNDS have also fallen short. Yet KNDS continues to be committed to support the Italian Army.”

File photo courtesy KNDS