New antitank missile from L&T MBDA

Joseph Roukoz

Announced slightly more than one year ago, L&T MBDA Missile Systems Limited (L&T MBDA) Joint Venture formed between Larsen and Toubro and MBDA, showcases a range of missiles at Defexpo 2018 including. These include the ATGM 5, the 5th generation anti-tank guided missile that makes it first appearance on a show. This new weapon system will draw on the latest generation technologies used in MBDA’s MMP battlefield anti-tank weapon that recently entered service in France. Although no precise details on requirements have been unveiled, EDR Magazine understands that the Indian Army will look for a longer range weapon com pared to the MMP, thus the system that will be proposed by L&T MBDA should exploit MMP’s guidance systems while having a wholly new missile body and propulsion. The system will fully answer the “Make in India” initiative adopted by the Indian MoD.

The JV is also offering the latest generation anti-ship missile system for the Naval Surface Platforms requirements of the Indian Navy. This comes in the form of the Exocet MM40 Block 3, the latest version of the missile that is launched with a single jettisoned rocket booster and flies under the thrust of a turbojet engine, which increases the range at over 200 km. It is to note that the Indian Navy uses MBDA’s SM39 anti-ship missiles on its Scorpene submarines, the addition of a new member of the family to fill other operational needs being a logic choice, that would follow in the missile system under the “Buy and Make Indian” category.