IDEF 2023 – Otokar unveils the Repair and Recovery variant of its Arma II 8×8

Paolo Valpolini

At IDEF 2023 in the Otokar stand an impressive vehicle was shown, the Repair and recovery variant of the well known Arma II 8×8 vehicle, which featured some innovative solutions to ensure maximum operational flexibility

In the tracks versus wheels saga, a new variable is being proposed by Otokar, that of a wheeled armoured vehicle that night be capable to recover a tracked one, and even a heavy one. Based on the chassis of the Arma II 8×8, the latest iteration of the Arma has bagged numerous successes on the export market.

The new variant, known as Arma II Kurtarici (recovery in Turkish language), maintains the 720 hp diesel engine of the Arma II that provides sufficient power to cope with the 40 tonnes of the vehicle.

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Unusual for a wheeled repair and recovery vehicle, the Arma II features a dozer blade at the front, which can be tilted 10° left or right and used for obstacle clearing trench construction and other operations. However the key element is the 25 t/m crane. At its maximum extension of 6 metres it can still lit a 3.7 tonnes load. For stability issues the vehicle is fitted with four outriggers, two at the front and two at the rear. While the front ones are used solely for stablisation purposes, the rear ones can be used for that same role or for anchoring the vehicle to the ground when the rear win h is used to pull out a vehicle from troubles. Here the rear spades are turned downwards to fully exploit the 35 tonnes pull of the winch, which can be doubled using a pulley, allowing recovery of a main battle tank.

The Arma II Kurtarici is fitted with a rear arm that can be used for more than one role. It can be exploited to carry equipment, It can also be used to recover a wheeled vehicle when its front axles are damaged, lifting it and towing it with the upper wheels clear from the soil. It can also be used to carry a spare powerpack. When not in use, the rear arm is folded away in order to minimise its encumbrance.

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The crew is made of three elements, the driver, the commander and the operator. They access the vehicle via two hatches available on top of the vehicle, or via the rear door. On the rear sides of the vehicle huge boxes to contain other equipment are present. On the left side one contains a generator and a welding machine, used for rapid repair.

The new repair and recovery version of the Arma II has a GVW of 40 tones, the very maximum admissible on those axles. It is fitted with a 360 viewing system and for self-defence it is fitted with the Baṣok RCWS that can be armed with a 7.62 or a 12.7 mm machine gun. Smoke grenades fitted on the roof complete the vehicle self-defence capabilities.

Photos courtesy P. Valpolini