Rheinmetall modernizes Multi Sensor Platforms for the Norwegian Air Force – upgrade to MSP600digital

3 January 2023 – Rheinmetall has signed a contract with the Norwegian Defence Material Agency / NDMA to modernize the Multi Sensor Platform MSP500.

The total value of the order is in the low double-digit million-euro range. The framework contract covers replacement of the old MSP500 system supplied in 2002 as well as the associated simulators with the more powerful MSP600digital sensor system. The installation of the new systems starts in summer 2025.

The Multi Sensor Platforms slated for modernization form part of the Norwegian air defence system – the National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System, or NASAMS). They are integrated into NASMS batteries. Purged of obsolescent features, the MSP600digital is the performance-enhanced, HD-capable, digital successor of the MSP500 and MSP600 sensor platforms used by various armed forces worldwide.

The MSP600 digital system is based on the MSP600 system, which is in service with many navies, coastguards and other military and civilian users. The four-axis stabilized platform controls an electro-optical sensor package, consisting of a state-of-the-art thermal imager (day/night vision), a high-precision laser rangefinder and a high-resolution HD colour daylight camera.

Photo courtesy Rheinmetall