Saab Launches New Laser Rangefinder Vidar

14 December 2018Saab launches a new laser rangefinder named Vidar, which combines compact size with powerful performance. Vidar is currently in production for the Situational Awareness System that Saab will deliver for Australia’s new Arafura class Offshore Patrol Vessels.

Luerssen Australia awarded Saab the contract for the Situational Awareness System in April 2018, as Saab previously announced.

Rangefinders use a laser beam to measure the distance to the target, and Vidar can be used as an integral part of a surveillance or weapon system, for example in anti-aircraft and anti-ship operations.  With its compact size and user-friendly interface, Vidar generates highly accurate tracking data even at long ranges.

“With the latest addition to our laser offer, Vidar, we meet the market’s demand for a laser rangefinder with optimal balance between size and cutting-edge performance. It is in production and will be delivered for Australia’s new Arafura class Offshore Patrol Vessels as a part of the 9LV-based Situational Awareness System”, says Anders Carp, head of Saab business area Surveillance.

Saab is a leading manufacturer of military lasers and has delivered more than 5000 units to over 30 countries since the early 1960s.