Saab: the Carl-Gustaf M4 goes smart

Paolo Valpolini

Unveiled in 2014 and since adopted by 15 different nations, the Carl-Gustaf M4 was not only much lighter than its predecessors but also open to the adoption of smart sights and ammunition.

Moved to the right due to the pandemic, the Ground Combat Demonstration is back after an eight-year interval, and marks the availability of all the elements needed to allow a quantum jump in the CG M4 capability.

For the time being only one round, the new HE 448, fully exploits the weapon and sights characteristics, three aiming devices being available, one provided by Saab, the FCD558, and two by partner companies. However in perspective it is quite clear that other rounds will be able to dialogue with the sight through the Firebolt communication protocol, reducing operational time as well as the risk of mistakes.

New warheads are also being considered, further increasing the Carl-Gustaf system effectiveness against a variety of targets. In the week that followed the event that took place May 3-4 in Kvarn and Karlskoga, three different press releases by Saab were related to the 84 mm recoilless weapon, a sign that the new capabilities have met the customer’s requirements.

The Carl-Gustaf system is made of three main elements, the weapon, the sight and the ammunition. Here an analysis of those three elements based upon information gathered during the May event in Sweden.

Carl-Gustaf M4: the weapon

Carl-Gustaf M4: smart sights for a smart weapon             

Carl-Gustaf M4: ammunition go smarter