SIATT and Brazilian Navy sign contract for MANSUP Technology Sharing

7 May 2024 – SIATT and the Brazilian Navy, through the Navy’s Directorate of Weapons Systems, have signed a contract for the sharing of technology related to the MANSUP (National Surface-to-Surface Anti-Ship Missile) weapon system. The agreement allows the company, upon payment of royalties, to use, produce, market, and provide services, both domestically and internationally, for technologies related to MANSUP.

The contract was signed in March during a ceremony held at the auditorium of the Technological Innovation Park of São José dos Campos, where SIATT is headquartered.

The event was attended by Admiral Edgar Luiz Siqueira Barbosa, Director-General of Naval Material, Vice-Admiral Rodrigo Otavio Fernandes de Hônkis, Advisor for Defense Material Industries Affairs, and Rear Admiral Carlos Henrique Lima Zampieri, Director of Weapons Systems of the Navy (DSAM). Also present were the Chairman of the Board and the CEO of SIATT, Azhaury Cunha Filho and Rogerio Salvador, respectively, as well as the CEO of EDGE Brasil, Marcos Degaut.

The event was attended by the SIATT team that participated in the development of MANSUP.

During the ceremony, Rear Admiral Zampieri highlighted the importance of this contract for the MANSUP project.

“This true milestone today will ensure the flow of activities and resources necessary for the completion of the MANSUP missile project. This entire endeavor will finally ensure in the very near future, the development of the extended-range MANSUP, which will promote an even greater technological leap in the defense and protection capability of our Blue Amazon,” said the DSAM director.

Rear Admiral Zampieri concluded his speech by thanking the SIATT team. “At this moment, I’d like to thank, not only out of duty but out of gratitude to all involved in the MANSUP project, you brave, competent, and persistent Brazilians, who have overcome the challenge of innovation through your hard work and have helped us turn this dream, which once seemed so distant, into a reality.”

Admiral Edgar also highlighted the dedication of the professionals involved in the MANSUP project. “It’s good to see this auditorium full with several SIATT employees, celebrating this important moment, the success that has occurred, several stages that have been achieved, several challenges that have been overcome over the years, and several characters here present and others who are not present, but who also dreamed back then. We have to thank SIATT and also EDGE Group, who believed in this endeavor, Fundação Ezute, and Omnisys. It is a historic and very satisfying moment. Congratulations to all for this achievement and let us continue working together and making our dreams come true,” said the Director-General.

Deeply moved, SIATT CEO Rogerio Salvador recalled the entire trajectory of the MANSUP project and mentioned five feelings that, for him, express the significance of that ceremony: gratitude, overcoming, achievement, confidence, and joy. “It is not the work of one person, but of a hundred people from all sides – from the Navy, the operators, the participating companies, and SIATT. It is a joint construction of many brilliant minds that have put their effort, their competence, and their heart into the project,” emphasized Salvador.

Photo courtesy SIATT