Some more info on Instalaza CS70 rocket launcher

Paolo Valpolini

Still in the final development phase, it should be available in 2023, Instalaza CS70 was exhibited at Eurosatory for the first time, after having been exhibited at FEINDEF in November 2021. Developed under request from the Spanish Special Forces, who wanted a lighter system compared to the CS90, its weight is 5.5 kg compared to the 6.5 kg of the bigger system. In fact the number 70 is misleading, as the actual calibre of this fully disposable weapon is 72 mm. It is fitted with a single shaped-charge warhead that ensures penetration of over 270 mm of rolled homogeneous armour; according to company sources the warhead, which is designed and produced by Instalaza, has been optimised to ensure maximum penetration, the same being for the propulsion system which ensures the same range of the CS90 that is 350 meters against a point target. The company underlines that the confined space technology ensures a very quite shooting, which allows the operator to shoot numerous rounds in a day without suffering ear problems.

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The CS70 is fitted with the same folding x2 day sight used on the CS90, which ensures that no retraining is necessary. The interface for installing a night vision device is also the same. Instalaza proposes the thermal imaging version of its night vision systems, the VN-IR, which adds 900 grams to the weapon providing a 11,7º x 8,8º field of view. The night vision systems the only system that is recovered after the firing, all the rest being, as said, disposable.

As said the CS70 is in the final development stage and is considered at TRL 7-8 by Instalaza.

Photos by P. Valpolini