Top of the range Arquus vehicles exhibited at Satory

Paolo Valpolini
François Brévot
Christian Dumont

Satory, 17 September 2020 – Arquus “flagship” vehicles were displayed last week on the Versailles Satory site during the Arquus Day. Scarabée, Fortress Mk2, and Areg were highlighted while the company took the opportunity to unveil its Armis 6×6 and 8×8 trucks, which should have been exhibited at Eurosatory last June.

Arquus set fire to its tarmacs – and fields tracks on September 17th, dynamic presentations being carried out on a site that remembered the old days of the Franco-French “Satory” land exhibitions which took place there until the end of the 1980s, and which then became Eurosatory. The aim of the September was an opportunity for Arquus customers to witness the mobility performances of the company vehicles, Emmanuel Levacher, the company CEO clearly explained, some of the latest products showing their capability to drive with great flexibility on rough terrain during military operations. Mr. Levacher also illustrated the process that will soon lead each one of the company site to become specialised in one part of the company business, Fourchambault being already the logistic platform, Saint-Nazaire becoming the MRO pole, while Limoges will be host assembly lines for new vehicles, and Marolles en Hurepoix will manufacture mechanical elements to be provided to the other sites.

Looking ahead, a virtual movie was played showing Armis trucks in convoy, part of them unmanned; the platooning, as this is often referred to, is a mode that Arquus has been studying for some time, and although there is still quite some work to do, this might be one of the focus points for May 2021 TechnoDays, this meeting, COVID permitting, having been announced by Mr. Levacher at Satory. It will then be possible to get many more technical details on some of the latest programmes that are on the computers of Arquus R&D department.

Here the report of the Arquus Day.

Armis trucks starring

The silent performance of the Scarabée

Dynamic and static displays