Vegvisir Launched its Mixed-Reality Based Situation Awareness System at DSEI

The Estonian-Croatian defence industry start-up Vegvisir presented the first ready-made products of its Mixed-Reality based situational awareness system at the Defence and Security Equipment International in London. Two Vegvisir solutions are being showcased at the exhibition – Vegvisir Core is integrated on Patria AMV XP 8×8 and the Vegvisir Remote for unmanned platforms is presented on Milrem Robotics Type-X RCV.

“Having our product assembled on the platforms of some of the most renowned players in the defence sector is a significant achievement for our team. We aim to show that the Vegvisir solution is a valuable addition to the most advanced platforms within the defence industry, and we are capable of introducing substantial innovation to the field of situational awareness technology,” said Ingvar Pärnamäe, the CEO of Vegvisir.

According to Pärnamäe, the company has gained significant industry attention during its two years of development as it uses innovative technology to address a critical problem often encountered by armoured vehicle personnel on the battlefield.

“The cornerstone of our concept is our team members’ first-hand experience from military missions, we therefore know that an adequate understanding of the surroundings can significantly enhance the capabilities of armoured vehicles and their personnel,” said Pärnamäe.

Vegvisir’s situational awareness system uses vehicle-mounted cameras, an immersive ultra-low latency headset, and supplementary data overlay capability to provide the vehicle personnel a comprehensive 360-degree view of the surrounding environment. This heightened awareness equips troops with the tools to navigate complex scenarios and make well-informed decisions on the battlefield.

The company showcases two versions of the solution at DSEI – Vegvisir Core and Vegvisir Remote. Vegvisir Core is designed to deliver a comprehensive 360-degree view on infantry fighting vehicles, armoured personnel carriers, combat support platforms, engineering vehicles, and main battle tanks. It connects the crew into a digital hub allowing seamless interaction and access to digital data.

Vegvisir Remote offers a similar experience to Vegvisir Core but is optimized for lower bandwidth, making it ideal for remote use. Its primary application is on optionally manned or unmanned platforms that require remote operation.

The company will be presenting the product demo at the Estonian Pavilion (stand H4-120). Vegvisir Core will be integrated to Patria AMV XP 8×8 at stand H7-120 and Vegvisir Remote will be exhibited live on Milrem Robotics Type-X RCV at stand H4-122.

Vegvisir technical features:

  • 4 sensor system modules attached to the vehicle (front, sides and rear)
  • 360 degrees field of view by combining different layers of sensor system
  • Ultra low latency
  • Military grade casings with cleaning system
  • Optional thermal sensors
  • Head or helmet mounted display(goggles) for MR experience
  • Intuitive user interaction panel
  • Custom 3D virtual engine to support multi user and channel input
  • Additional interfaces available: CAN, ETH
  • Custom UI to effectively show data from vehicle or other systems
  • Battlefield management system integration with data virtualisation and visualisation
  • Vehicle information visualisation

Photo courtesy of Vegvisir