Another feline for the French Army

It will be named Serval, the wild cat native to Africa, widespread in sub-Saharan countries, and will soon equip French Army rapid deployment units. Until now it was known only by its acronym, VBMR (L), Véhicule Blindé Multi Rôle Léger, light armoured multirole vehicle, its name being announced by the French Minister for Armed Forces, Mrs. Florence Parly, at the opening ceremony of Eurosatory. It will join the the semi-feline Griffon and the feline Jaguar as part of the new trio of vehicles planned within the Scorpion programme. Serval was also the name of the French mission to Mali started in January 2013 and ended in July 2014, which cost France nine dead and some 300 wounded, the name being also a way to honour their sacrifice. The model exhibited on the show is painted with the new camouflage scheme that will be adopted by all the Armée de Terre new generation vehicles. For more information on the Serval please click here