MBDA La Spezia, home of naval missiles

EDR On-Line editorial staff

One year after being invited to the MBDA Fusaro facility, the MBDA Italia centre of excellence for seekers and radomes, EDR On-Line was invited to the La Spezia plant and its neighbouring Aulla facility, to attend a series of briefings on the activities related to naval missiles, and not only.

While production in the true sense of the word is done elsewhere, it is in La Spezia that this type of missile is designed and developed, and it is here that all subsystems come together to form initially the inert missile, which is the moved to Aulla to be integrated with its pyric elements becoming a live munition, inserted in its canister, and made ready for delivery to customers.

With all due limitations linked to security and safety, the briefings allowed to have first hand information on the evolution of the facilities, which work is on constant increase, as well as on the two main programmes underway in the naval segment, the Marte ER and the Teseo EVO.

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Photo courtesy MBDA

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