Rosoboronexport unveils Kord 6P68 assault rifle

By Dmitry Fediushko

Russia’s Rosoboronexport company (a subsidiary of Rostec state corporation) has presented the newest Kord 6P68 7.62 mm assault rifle designed by the Degtyarev Plant (Zavod imeni Degtyareva, ZiD, a subsidiary of Rostec’s holding High-Precision Weapons) at the IDEX 2021 defence show being held in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates between 21-25 February.

The Kord 6P68 is based on an operating scheme with balanced automatics which provides enhanced accuracy when firing in automatic mode. The firearm has received an ergonomic pistol grip, upper and side-mounted Picatinny rails, and extendable buttstock with rotating backplate.

Unlike traditional Russian-designed firearms, the Kord 6P68 features an ambidextrous fire selector. It is fed by standard 30-round magazines made of black polymer. The new assault rifle is compatible with all red dot/optical/reflex sights with Picatinny cradles, as well as tactical flashlights and laser pointers. The muzzle device can be replaced by a suppressor.

Two variants of the Kord assault rifle are available, 6P67 and 6P68, the calibre being the primary difference: the 6P67 is chambered for 5.45×39 cartridges, while the 6P68 fires renowned 7.62×39 ammunition. The Kord 6P68/6P67 assault rifles can be fed by traditional 30-round Kalashnikov magazines.

According to Rosoboronexport, both firearms weigh 3.5 kg without ammo and are 940 mm long (with extended buttstock), 730 mm with folded buttstock. The Kord 6P67 and 6P68 are accurate at a distance of up to 800 m. They have retained the organic low-silhouette iron sights complementing the upper Picatinny rail.

The silenced modification of Kord 6P67 is designated 6P67-1.

The Kord 6P68 is typically intended for special forces and trained units that have above-average skills of small arms. However, it can serve as an organic assault rifle of regular forces.

Photo © Dmitry Fediushko and Rosoboronexport