TURKEY and PHILIPPINES’ new defence project is from FNSS

4 January 2021 – Under the contract signed between FNSS and Department of National Defense (DND), Philippines which entered into force in August 2020, FNSS will provide stabilized one-man turrets production, integration and logistics support services to the Philippine Army. It is planned that the turrets will be integrated to the vehicles in October 2021 and training and logistics support services will be completed by December 2021.

Within the modernization program of the Philippine Army, the main goal of this project is to upgrade the firepower of existing tracked armored vehicles. In this scope, one-man turrets, which were previously produced and put into service in other countries, will be produced with a state-of-art fire control capability and sight systems (day / night). The turrets will be manufactured at FNSS facilities, will then be integrated into tracked armored vehicles by FNSS in the Philippines and delivered to the user. The acceptance tests will take place both in Turkey and the Philippines and the training for the turrets will be held in Philippines under the integrated logistics support services activities.

One-man turrets of different caliber armaments were the choice of Philippine Army against products of the world’s renown companies with the cost effectiveness and superior technical features.

This will be a project under the Defense Industry Cooperation Agreement signed between Turkey and the Philippines governments.

Photo courtesy FNSS