DSEI 2023

From 12 to 15 September the core of the defence industry met at Excel London for the 2023 edition of the Defence Security and Equipment International, DSEI in short.

A tri-service exhibition, DSEI allowed visitors to get the latest in terms of defence technology and to collect the latest information on many programmes, such as i.e. the GCAP, the UK-led Global Combat Air Programme which includes the participation of Italy and Japan. Unmanned systems were obviously among the stars of the show, which also saw the first display outside of the United States of the AMPV, in the ambulance variant. It is worth underlining the presence of a Ukrainian pavilion, where a number 0f new systems were exhibited.

No stats are yet available on attendance, however the aisles were pretty crowdy from Day 1.

Hereafter EDR On-Line readers can find the articles by the editorial team covering part of the hot topics seen at Excel.

Leonardo unveiled Proteus RWUAS

Teledyne FLIR Black Recon: vehicle integrated reconnaissance capability

Insitu Tail-Sitting Unmanned Integrator

BAE Systems Hägglunds: production times and volumes are the critical issue

JFD Shadow Seal Tactical Diving Vehicle

Global Combat Air Programme

Global Air Combat Programme progress

Aselsan SARP Next Gen dual RCWS will be available in late 2024

MSI and APS introduce an Anglo-Polish counter-drone system

BAE Systems will demonstrate XLAUV technology with Cellula Robotics in Q3 2024

IrvinGQ promotes its ATAX Aerial Delivery System

Rheinmetall Luna NG debuts in its final configuration

Sentient Vision Systems Airbourne ViDAR for Stalker

SpearUAV: Viper 300 MCL unmanned aerial weapon solution for multiple platforms

AM General debuts the Humvee Saber

Sikorsky S-70M Black Hawk bid for UK NMH

Hanwha Phasor details A7700 phased array and OneWeb relationship

Elbit Systems unveils Crossbow, its next generation 120 mm turreted mortar system

GDAMS, a lightweight vehicle deployable 120 mm from ST Engineering

BAE Systems NGAA future artillery munitions: better performances, maximum flexibility, easy to produce at lower costs

Saab will unveil a Future Operator Workspace concept for naval applications at DSEI 2023

Beretta unveils its New Assault Rifle Platform

Saab Barracuda: ULCAS goes frequency selective while the company looks at organic fibres for future nets