IDEX 2019: RPG protection for Arquus’ VAB Mk III

Paolo Valpolini

As the threat coming from shoulder-fired grenade launchers is high, Arquus decided to develop a solution against those weapons, more precisely also against tandem shaped-charges warheads, which was unveiled at IDEX. The right side of the vehicle on show was fitted with add-on armour of two types, the overall system being dubbed Advanced Survivability System by the French manufacturer. Although Arquus did not unveiled the providers of the two solutions adopted, the flank was protected by what looked very much the IBD Deisenroth Engineering SMART-PROTech, which was unveiled at last Eurosatory.

The aim of such system is to provide an easy-to-integrate active protection system, splitting the kinetic energy and the shaped charge warhead add-on protection elements, the SMART-PROTech being installed on the outside of KE protection elements. Built as a modular system, each module contains a sensor and one or two countermeasures. For more information please click here.

The lower part was protected by a cage armour of unknown model, the horizontal elements of the cage being indented on the outside.

As for lethality, the VAB Mk III on show at the Abu Dhabi exhibition was fitted with CMI Defence’s CPWS Gen 2, (Cockerill Protected Weapon Station) armed with a 25mm cannon and 7.62mm coaxial machine gun, another system unveiled at Eurosatory last year. For more information on that turret please click here.

With the VAB Mk III exhibited at IDEX Arquus intended highlight the modularity of its vehicle in terms of protection and lethality.

Photos by Paolo Valpolini