Eurosatory 2022

Back on stage after a four years interval due to the pandemic Eurosatory, the benchmark land defence exhibition opens its doors on June 13th at the Parc des Expositions de Villepinte, north of Paris, hosting some 1,800 exhibitors and even more visitors than in the 2018 edition, due to the slowing down of the virus that, we hope, will be confirmed in the coming months.

With a war ongoing 2,500 km to the east, the 2022 edition of the Paris exhibition will be certainly marked by a renewed interest in conventional combat equipment, as well as in new actors that appeared on the battlefield in recent times, both from the offensive and the defensive standpoint.

The five days will see also a number of conferences, with high ranking speakers, which will analyse current trends as well as look ahead to new programmes.

As usual EDR On-Line readers will find hereafter a series of articles representing a selection of the newest systems unveiled at Eurosatory, covering the whole of them being impossible.  

Eurosatory virtual visit

A ROBUST combat unmanned vehicle from Israel

MSU S: increased short range air defence situational awareness from Rheinmetall

QinetiQ-Texelis motor wheel: towards wheeled armoured vehicles freedom of design

Ascalon: Nexter’s solution for the MGCS main gun

WB Group unveils Fonet MK2 platform integration system

Countering RAM, drones and other flying objects with highly mobile assets, Rheinmetall’s solutions

Successful 27th edition of Eurosatory after a 4-year absence! (Press Release)

Michelin X Force ZL: higher load and speed for military wheeled vehicles

Rheinmetall unveils its Caracal light airborne vehicle at Eurosatory

Defenture ATTV: a third competitor for the NL/D airmobile vehicles contracts

Merlin: the GDELS proposal for German Airborne troops

Rheinmetall micro-UAVs: a Stinger for the Panther and not only

BANS: a non-lethal threat against aircraft from Slovenia

Rejuvenating the Leopard 1: John Cockerill’s recipe

Morana: a new 52-cal 155 mm artillery system from Czech Republic

Some more info on Instalaza CS70 rocket launcher

FFG’s Genesis hybrid technology demonstrator: out of the blue!

Michelin airless tyres for the military; an evolving business

Eurosatory 2022: first sum up from the COGES CEO

The Arquus roadmap to autonomy

A long-range truck-based artillery effector by Rheinmetall

Reducing fuel consumption, reducing noise: the Arquus approach to hybrid propulsion

Rheinmetall: back into the UAS business

UVision: Loitering Munitions market on the rise

Leonardo unveils the TMMR multi-mission tactical radar

Plasan ATeMM: Battlefield Circulation of Electricity but not only

SCD introduces its Crane 5 µm pitch 5 megapixel MWIR detector

Phoenix: an evolutionary data-link family from Commtact

Rheinmetall’s first MBT: the Panther

Boxer: wheels + tracks modularity = modularity2

Sherpa A2M: mobile protected indirect firepower from Arquus, NTGS and Thales

Hornet unveils three variants of its RCWS

Plasan Wilder, a true light armoured 4×4

Positioning without GPS signal? No problem Thales Sophie with VisioLoc is there

Record number of participants and new trends: the Eurosatory CEO analysis

Increasing effectiveness and range: the new LU 220 HE 155 mm munition by Nexter Arrowtech

Aeronautics introduces a new category of UAS: the Unmanned Hover Plane

Nexter Arrowtech: completing the 155 mm 52 cal ammunition family

Much improved through-the-wall situational awareness with Camero’s Xaver 1000

Nexter Arrowtech: the Katana 155 mm guided munition programme status